First memory of campfire cookery?

Outside of s'more cooking, my first real cookout experience came on a whitewater rafting trip. My father took me rafting when I was 12 and it was an overnight trip. The guide whipped up a biscuit dough and cooked it in a Dutch oven buried in our campsite. He brought a hand-cranked ice cream maker and we all took turns cranking it. Once the ice cream was finished, the lid was lifted off the Dutch oven. We scooped out the buttery biscuits and loaded them with melty ice cream goodness. It was smokey, buttery and fucking delicious. 

Favorite memory around a bonfire?

I will always remember watching full moons rise over Bear Mountain on Bear Pond in Waterford, Maine around a campfire. Once a summer it was a ritual at my camp. Always majestic. 

Worst experience in the outdoors?

My dad took me camping and used poison ivy for kindling. The trip ended quick, as I was rushed to the hospital. I have a severe allergy to that shit. 

Can't wait to...

hike the 100 miles of wilderness in Maine. Oh that, and opening my hotel and restaurant.