bonfire cookout is a live-fire event that hosts an intimate group of guests in gorgeous outdoor environments to do the two things their mothers warned them not to: play with fire and play with their food. It is an experience driven by curiosity.

We want to explore the land we’re cooking on. We want to know the farms and farmers who cultivate our ingredients. We want to learn what inspires the “wizards behind the curtain” who make the things we eat, drink, cook and play with. We invite chefs we’d like to eat with to helm our hand-crafted rigs, and cook once in a bonfire dishes straight from their imaginations. 

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photography by

@storyandgold (2018 Hudson Valley; August & September)

@Jaharoni (2018 Hudson Valley; October)

 @SouthernColorPhoto (2017 Louisville)

 @nycfotophun (2017 Catskills)

nicole franzen (2016 North Fork)


design, illustration and articulation crafted in collaboration by

paper to tablelower west side design & giulietta tripoli